Boston University Bridge closed as protesters call for ceasefire in Gaza – NBC Boston

By | November 16, 2023

A group of about 100 protesters calling for a ceasefire in Gaza blocked rush-hour traffic in Boston Thursday morning.

The group, IfNotNow, blocked traffic on the Boston side of the Boston University Bridge for more than two hours. Many protesters said they had recently traveled from Chicago, where they had witnessed a similar demonstration.

“Thursday morning, November 16 at 8:00 a.m., Boston Jews and their allies will block rush hour traffic on a major Boston thoroughfare. Activists will demand that Elizabeth Warren support an immediate ceasefire and use her influence to bring end the ongoing massacre by the Israeli government in Gaza,” the group said in a press release.

The event caused significant disruption, with police closing the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge shortly after 8am. The group left the bridge at 10:40 a.m.

The group could be heard chanting and chanting “Ceasefire now” as they demonstrated on the bridge. Many protesters wore T-shirts with “Not in Our Name” written on the front.

“In the last month, I have witnessed unspeakable atrocities committed in my name, and I am here to say that it is not for the safety of American Jews, it is not for the safety of global Jews, and that we are calling for a ceasefire. We are saying that the violence must end,” said Emma Rose Borzekowski, one of the demonstrators.

“There can be no peace for Jews without peace for Palestinians,” added another protester, Elizabeth Weinbaum.

The same group has visited Warren’s office four times in the past 40 days to pressure her into supporting a ceasefire. Warren responded last month with a statement that read in part:

“Israel has both the right to defend itself against terrorist attacks and the obligation to protect innocent civilians under the international law of war. »

Another member of the Jewish community and Boston University student interrupted the protest, disagreeing with their message.

“What would America do if 1,400 people were massacred?” Raviv said. “We care about the lives of the Palestinians, we only want to hurt Hamas.”

Boston police said earlier Thursday morning that they were not aware of the incident or where it was believed to take place, but several police cars were on scene as of 8 a.m.

The demonstration takes place exactly 40 days after the attacks carried out by Hamas in Israel on October 7.. Thousands of people died on both sides of the conflict.

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