DC Area Forecast: Temperature Moderation Trend Toward Warmer Begins Today

By | November 3, 2023

A somewhat subjective assessment of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

8/10: Not warm enough for a Nice Day Stamp, but all-day sunshine and controlled winds make for a splendid work-weekend.

  • Today: Blue skies. Some breezes. Highs: 55-62.
  • This evening: The clouds are slowly increasing. Minimums: 30 seconds.
  • Tomorrow: A mix of sun and cloud. Highs: Near 60 to mid 60s.
  • Sunday: Partly sunny. Light breeze. Treble: Mid 60s.

As the warming trend begins, it’s hard to see beyond today’s beautiful sunshine and slowly rising temperatures. Clouds, at times, are the main interchange between milder, average and above average November temperatures. Significant rain risks do not come into play, and barely, until the next work week.

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Today (Friday): Becoming nicer (and milder) with sunny skies and high temperatures in the mid 50s to low 60s. It’s slightly below average but not bad, especially on the sunny side of the street. Some afternoon southerly breezes could reach around 15 mph. It’s not a big deal for most. Trust: high

This evening: Evening skies should remain fairly clear until clouds move in more seriously after midnight. Be sure to spot Jupiter (it’s closest to us in 2023). Light southwest breezes die down almost before dawn. Low temperatures bottom out in the 30s, perhaps around 40 downtown and near larger bodies of water. Trust: high

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Tomorrow (Saturday): More clouds, but we should still see some filtered sunshine at times. Breezes are light and variable in direction as high temperatures increase a notch toward a range near 60 to mid 60s. Sunshine presents a slight question mark, but we’ll keep you posted. Trust: medium-high

Tomorrow evening: Clouds are thicker, tightening our regional low temperature range. There may be a brief passing shower, but the kind that barely wets the sidewalk. We should bottom out near 40 degrees to the mid 40s. Turn the clock back an hour before bed, if you have any that need help. Trust: medium-high

Sunday: Clouds attempt to dissipate at least partially early in the morning, which helps us adjust to sunrise an hour earlier. High temperatures will mostly be in the mid-60s, trying to get a degree or two warmer than Saturday. Midday and afternoon northwest breezes could reach near 15 mph. Trust: medium-high

Sunday night: Partly to mostly clear with less cold temperatures likely in the upper 30s to mid 40s. All breezes should remain calm and perhaps completely calm by dawn. Trust: medium-high

A few more clouds Monday only brings us very limited chances of showering in Tuesday. West-southwest breezes may develop a bit as a storm system moves through the Great Lakes region to our northwest. High temperatures can mostly range from the upper 60s to the 70s on warmest Tuesday. Confidence: average

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