‘Dick Cheney in 3-inch heels’ Ramaswamy targets Haley during GOP debate

By | November 9, 2023


Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy took the offensive against Nikki Haley minutes into the third debate – hurling a personal insult at the only female candidate on stage.

Ramaswamy compared Haley’s foreign policy views to those of former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney as the candidates discussed the war between Israel and Hamas. He threw the criticism at her before she could attack him, as she did. during previous debates.

“Do you want a leader of a different generation, who will put this country first,” he asked. “Where do you want Dick Cheney with three inch heels“.

Haley later told him she wore “five-inch heels” before adding, “And I only wear them if you can run in them.” »

“I wear heels, it’s not for a fashion statement, it’s for ammo,” Haley said.

Ramaswamy implied during the exchange that the dig was also directed at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who denied in an interview last month that he was wearing lifts.

The comparison to Cheney was part of a criticism of rival candidates’ more hawkish foreign policy positions. Haley is a strong supporter of funding Ukraine’s war against Russia, and DeSantis has said he would deploy the U.S. military to the southern border and authorize troops to use lethal force against drug traffickers.

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