Election Day 2023: Live Results and Analysis

By | November 8, 2023

ABC News does not yet have enough information to make a projection, but based on exit polls, “yes” leads on both the abortion and marijuana measures . And on both issues, “yes” is the more liberal option: enshrining the right to abortion in the state constitution and legalizing recreational marijuana.

— Léa Askarinam, 538 years old

One of Kentucky’s largest counties has almost completed its report: Fayette County, seat of Lexington. Beshear did quite well, winning 72 percent to 28 percent. For comparison, Beshear won it between 66 and 30 percent in 2019.

There are many complete or nearly complete counties like this where Beshear is ahead of himself in 2019. Based on these patterns, it appears Beshear is on track to win.

—Nathaniel Rakich, 538

ABC News predicts that incumbent Republican Secretary of State Adams will win re-election in Kentucky. Adams faced his challenger, Democrat Wheatley, who wanted to add polling places and expand voting, according to a report from The mail log.
—Monica Potts, 538

Following up on Geoffrey’s last post in Kentucky, we now have 95 percent of the expected votes from Pendleton County and 93 percent from Rowan. Statewide, in counties reporting 90 percent of the expected vote or higher — my preferred threshold to hit before even looking at county data — Beshear is doing 2.5 to 3 percentage points better than last time. That would seem to suggest a close victory — if, and it’s a big if, it holds up statewide.
-G. Elliott Morris, 538

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