House Oversight Committee subpoenas Hunter and James Biden

By | November 8, 2023

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James Biden and Hunter Biden

The House Oversight Committee has subpoenaed Hunter and James Biden, the son and brother of President Joe Biden, the committee announced Wednesday, setting up a highly anticipated showdown as House Republicans continue to probe whether the president committed an impeachable offense in connection with his family’s foreign business dealings. – a high bar they have yet to reach.

The Republican-led panel also said it had subpoenaed a Biden family business associate, Rob Walker, and requested voluntary interviews with a list of people, including Sara Biden, James Biden’s wife Hallie Biden, the widow of the president’s eldest son, Beau Biden with whom Hunter Biden was romantically involved, and Tony Bobulinski, another business associate of the president’s son.

Wednesday’s subpoenas are the first time the panel has directly subpoenaed members of the Biden family and come as House Republicans focus on a list of high-profile interviews they want to conduct before concluding their impeachment inquiry into the president.

But even if their end goal becomes clearer, it’s unclear how long that effort will take or whether the House Republicans leading the effort will be able to convince enough of their Republican colleagues that Biden himself committed crimes or serious crimes, which remains a major obstacle. .

The White House, which has rejected Comer’s investigation at every turn, released a memo following the panel’s latest decision to subpoena members of the Biden family, casting them as the result of Comer’s caving in to the demands of right-wing Republicans.

“With just over a week until House Republicans can once again plunge the country into a dangerous and chaotic government shutdown, the most extreme voices in their party, like James Comer, are trying to hijack the “attention to their repeated failures to govern,” White House spokesman Ian said. Sams wrote.

He continued: “Instead of using the power of Congress to wage a partisan political smear campaign against the president and his family, extremist House Republicans should do their job. »

Republicans pored over Hunter Biden’s bank records and overseas business transactions for months and received thousands of wire transfers and documents following their subpoenas to banks for information. They said that, based on the information they received, members of the Biden family received a total of more than $24 million from foreign nationals over approximately five years, including from countries including China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Kazakhstan.

“The House Oversight Committee is going to bring in members of the Biden family and their associates for questioning on this body of evidence,” House Oversight Chairman James Comer, a Kentucky Republican, said in a statement.

Recently, House Oversight Republicans issued two personal checks from James and Sara to Joe Biden that had the words “loan repayment” written on them and were issued while Joe Biden was not elected.

Walker, who, after receiving money from countries including China and Romania, transferred shares to some members of the Biden family, told the FBI in 2020, “I certainly never thought that, uh…, the vice president was a part of anything we did.”

This story has been updated with additional developments.

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